๐Ÿ’…Customizing chart colors

Within a Toucan app, you can specify colors at the chart level to even go further with customization.

To perform that, you can access a dedicated interface next to the chart configuration.

We just see how to easily customize data series. Let's see how we can customize colors based on labels.

Advanced color customization

In the "Style" tab, you can find an "Advanced" button that you can click and that will open a modal. In this modal, you can find two sections:

  1. Exhaustive color series: allows you to personalize colors for many series very precisely.

  2. Color labels: allows you to specify a color for a given label

These customizations will be scoped and local to these chart-specific colors and won't modify other charts. To change the main chart theme, you can always do it at the app level.

Let's dive in on the color labels customization:

We will use the example of a chart with fantasy political parties to highlight how colors can be important as they directly convey information the user understands.

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