๐Ÿ“งManaging notifications


With Toucan, you can notify users by email or web push notifications.

Notifications are event-based, meaning a notification will be sent when something specific happens on the app.

Notification emails are set up by default at your platform level.

You can also customize the emails for each application:

  • Go into the staging environment of the app

  • Click on the cogwheel icon and click on "Themes"

  • Click on the tab "Notifications"

  • If a Notification template is customized at the app level, it will overrule the platform template. Meaning your users will receive the customized template.


All emails will be sent in the platform's default language. This default language can be set up from the instance_settings.cson file.

Email categories

Inform and performยถ

New Data Available

When you publish to production, let your users know something new is available!

Scheduled Task Failed

As an admin, you can set up notifications to know when a scheduled operation fails.

Users administrationยถ

This category is only available at the platform level and cannot be overruled at the app level.

Generate password

When an admin invites a user, they receive an email with a temporary password. When they connect for the first time, they have to set up their password. This template is also used when a new user is invited to an application and the Send password generation email checkbox is checked.

Reset password

Did your user forget their password? No worries. They will receive an email to set up a new one once they click the reset password button.



When you invite a user to access an app, and if the user has activated their account, they will receive a Welcome email to inform them.

The user will receive as many Welcome emails as applications they get access to. If the user has not set up their password, the Welcome email will be on hold until the account is activated.


Use this section to create your very own email templates.


You can create custom emails in each category mentioned above

Edit an email templateยถ

From the edition menu, you can:

  • Edit templates in each of the target languages you want it to be accessible.

  • Edit the template title

  • Edit the email subject

  • Edit the email content

  • Add variables in the object or content

  • Add images (platform assets or application assets)

If you edit a template email, it will be stamped in the notification menu with a blue dot.

๐Ÿ‘‰ The email customized at the application level will overrule the platform template.

Reset templates

You can also reset templates. You can reset them to the platformโ€™s default at the app level. And from the platform level, you can reset them to Toucanโ€™s default.

Email automation ยถ

You can define additional custom emails to send reminders to users based on their account status or activity on the platform and app.

Available events are "User invite date," "User activation date," and "Last connexion date."

It is helpful to:

  • Increase usage rate and user retention by staying in touch with inactive and inactivated users

  • Increase user adoption by sending useful and meaningful emails to your active users or by making sure their onboarding is interactive

  • and more!

Inactive users: Users who have activated their account and defined their password, but haven't connected to the platform within the last 30 days.

Inactivated users: Users who have received an invite but haven't activated their account yet.

Notifications can be sent following a defined schedule or relatedly to an event.

In an app in staging mode, go to the "Notifications" tab (CogWeel > Themes > Notifications). Hover one template and click on the "schedule icon."

  • Select the targeted recipients for this email

    • Me (mainly during testing phase)

    • All Users: select what segment you want to target depending on their activity and activation status.

  • Select the date or event trigger that will fire the email.

๐Ÿ‘‰ You can also set up this email automation from the Actions section: Automations > Actions panel: Add an action


Sending email notifications can be quite intrusive sometimes. Be very careful when you set up such operations. To prevent massive spamming, we have implemented a few rules to ensure a great experience for your users:

  • the Welcome email can be sent max 1/week

  • the New data available can be sent max 1/every 4 hours

  • any custom email can be sent max 1/day

๐Ÿ‘‰ Note: Users can opt out of any notification at any time.

Create notifications based on data changesยถ

Want to create a notification based on data changes? Use the Alert feature.

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