๐Ÿ”ขDatasets in Toucan

A dataset is a collection of data. At Toucan they appear as tables of data. Datasets are results of queries to which we give a name. They appear in our DataHub, in the โ€œDatasetsโ€ tab.

Datasets can be:

  • Reusable across all the apps or specific to a story

    • Reusable: By default all datasets created by Toucan can be reused by any other datasets or visualization in Toucan. If you edit it, it will be impacted all the components using it. That's the best way to have an easy-to-maintain app

    • Specific to a story: if your dataset depends on the value of a story filter, it won't be used outside of this story, as two stories with different filters won't be able to share the same filter value

  • Created from a datasource or created from another dataset

    • Created from a datasource: a dataset created from a data source will provide a specific data selection experience depending on the source

      • For instance, if you are creating a dataset from your Redshift connector, you will be able to choose a database, a schema, and then the table with the specific column you would like to use

    • Created from another dataset: a dataset created from another dataset is called a child dataset; if the dataset changes, all its child-datasets will be changed accordingly

In this section, you will learn how to:

  • Manage datasets: create, edit, duplicate, delete, refresh, and publish datasets

  • Prepare data: use our no-code querying tool, YouPrep, to transform data and create metrics that matter

  • Maintain data: organize, set permission and validation rules, see dependencies

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