Customizing chart color elements


In your Toucan app, you have the flexibility to customize series colors across charts (e.g., bars, lines) to enhance the impact of your data storytelling. This feature proves especially valuable in the following scenarios:

  1. Brand Customization: You can effortlessly adapt series colors to match your branding, maintaining a cohesive visual identity throughout your app.

  2. Meaningful Visualization: By assigning specific colors to series, such as "Brands" data, you can create charts that effectively represent each brand's primary color to make data interpretation more intuitive.

How to customize the chart series' colors?

This option is only available for the following charts

  • Barchar

  • Bar Linechart

  • Bubble chart

  • Horizontal barchart

  • Linechart

  • Radar chart

  • Stacked barchart

  • Waterfall chart

  • Tablechart

With just a few clicks, you can easily customize your chart series:

  1. Access the Customization interface.

  2. Navigate to the Series section.

  3. Add your desired custom colors to the series.

Once you've set the custom colors, all available charts that include these series will be automatically colored according to their respective hex codes, providing a consistent and visually appealing representation of your data.

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