Crossfilter allows our charts to filter a 2nd one.

The first chart is called the "parent chart" and the second is called the "child chart". The crossfilter is based on columns used to configure the both charts. By default, we're using the column used in the label field.

Available "parent chart"

  • Barchart

  • Barlinechart

  • Circularchart

  • Linechart

  • Heatmap

  • Mapchart

  • Stackedbarchart

How to configure

  1. Configure two charts with their mandatory options

  2. Hover the first chart, it's available if it's available as parent chart, click on the link icon.


Your crossfilter is configured

  1. Click on the link icon on the parent chart

  2. On the "configuration" panel, you have the columns on which the crossfilter is based on.

  3. Change or add a column on which you can't your crossfilter to be based.

How to edit


The crossfilter is directly updated

How to apply/unapply

  1. Click on the cog button on the parent chart

  2. Click on the link button that appears on the child chart -> Your child chart isn't cross-filtered anymore

  3. Click again on the link button -> Your child chart is now crossfiltered again.


Now you know how to manage crossfilter ๐ŸŽ‰

Manage charts' size

When having 2 charts at the same time, you might want to display one as smaller than the other.

By default, both charts will occupy half of the screen but you might want to make the top chart smaller.

You can find the size parameters in your chart options (in the Display category)

You can specify a size for each chart. It should be between 0 and 1.

Both 0 and 1 values have no effect on the size! You should have a decimal value like 0.4

If you need to set a different ratio for mobile displays, use the mobile size option. If there is no mobile size option, the size option will also be used for mobile as well.

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