๐Ÿ“ˆPDF Report


The PDF report is a printable summary of the application in an A4 portrait format. Each application can have multiple PDF reports.

You must select some stories and tiles from your application from the Studio to create a clean PDF file.

The PDF report is available in the application navigation from the Home. It is available for App Builders (edition, preview, download and share) and End-Users (preview, download and share).

You can schedule a PDF report for specific users. You can also share your PDF report by email.


A PDF is a static file, but Toucan dynamically generates content depending on visibilities, user permissions, and filter selection. If a story or tile is not visible in the application to some end-users, it wonโ€™t be visible in the PDF report either.

Creating a PDF linked to your App

  • Go to the Home of your App

  • Click on "Create a PDF Report" in the "Tools" section

You can add story or tile rows when configuring a PDF report page. A single row canโ€™t contain stories and tiles at the same time.

You can define 2 texts in the header: one in the top left corner and another in the top right corner. These texts can be formatted (size, fonts, alignmentโ€ฆ)


Files are not interactive!

Remember that stories with filters wonโ€™t be usable in a file, so select a filter value when you choose a filtered story.

Advanced story configuration

For each story you add to a PDF report, you can configure the following:

  • Display narrative: if the story has a narrative, you can display it in the PDF report.

  • Display HKPIs: if the story has HKPIs, you can choose to display all of them in the PDF report

  • Use dynamic or fixed filters: if you applied filters to the story, use dynamic filters so the story's content will depend on the values selected by the end-user or fix the value so end-users canโ€™t change it.

Some advice

Paper is not interactive: remember that stories with filters wonโ€™t be usable on paper, so select a filter value when you choose a filtered story. By default, default filter values will be used. Only the primary chart for cross-filter stories or stories with two charts will be displayed.

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