๐ŸงฎOverview of Data In Toucan

Toucan offers lightweight ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) capabilities to enhance your analytics experience:

  • Connectors: Our AnyConnectโ„ข library provides native integration with the most advanced data warehouses available in the market.

  • Storage System: Designed for the "last mile of data," our storage system ensures efficient visualization while minimizing data warehouse consumption.

  • No-Code Querying Interface and Engine: YouPrepโ„ข is a user-friendly interface that allows non-technical users to easily prepare data and derive meaningful business metrics without relying on data analysts or engineers.

  • Cataloging Interface: DataHubโ„ข serves as a centralized platform for data management, maintenance, and collaboration.

Our goal is to cater to two types of user profiles:

  1. Non-technical users: These users can leverage YouPrepโ„ข to create metrics without depending on data analysts or engineers. The no-code experience simplifies the process of data preparation.

  2. Technical users: For users managing more complex transformations and requiring the flexibility of a developer experience, Toucan provides advanced capabilities that allow for full customization.

Toucan best works with a modern data stack and doesn't intend to replace ETL tools.

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