Unpinning and deleting Filters

Filters are global to an App. That's why, you can either remove it from a layout (it will be still available) or completely delete it.

To unpin a filter:

  1. Edit the Home or a story

  2. Hover the filter

  3. Click on the "unpin" icon

  4. Click on "Yes" in the confirmation modal

The filter will be removed from the current layout and will be still accessible from the Filter Settings and reusable in layouts.

To delete a filter:

  1. Edit the Home or a story

  2. Click on "Filter settings" in the header

  3. Click on the "trash" icon next to the filter you want to delete

  4. Click on "Delete" or "Force delete" in the confirmation modal

    1. "Force delete" is displayed whenever the filter is used in at least one layout or dataset. In this case, those will be displayed so that you are aware of the impact and scope of the deletion.

The filter will definitively deleted from the app.

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