๐Ÿ”ŒSet up OAuth2 credentials for your platform

A lot of modern APIs rely on the OAuth2 protocol for authorization, as an industry-standard. It allows a client to easily authenticate and authorize access to target resources. You may not be familiar with the term, but you actually run through the OAuth2 protocol when you login to some of your apps and authorize access to your data via this kind of popup:

In Toucan Toco, as an administrator you can easily setup OAuth2 credentials for your platform. Once setup, any App Builder on your platform will be able to create a connection to Google Sheets in just a couple of clicks!

Letโ€™s see how this works!

From the apps store, click on the โ€œAdmin areaโ€ button, and then click on the โ€œConnectorsโ€ button:

You will land on a interface listing connectors for which you can add credentials. When no credentials have been filled for a given connector, the status will appear as โ€œNot configuredโ€, in red. To set new OAuth2 credentials, click on the configure button:

Now you can enter the client ID and client secret of your OAuth2 app (that you will get by contacting your data provider, or sometimes by following an online procedure like in the Google console):

Youโ€™re all set!! Now your OAuth2 connectors are ready to be used in all the apps of your platform, with a super easy setup for any app builder!

Below is the list of current Toucan connectors that rely on the OAuth2 protocol for authorization:

  • Aircall

  • Google Sheets

  • Github

  • Salesforce

  • LinkedinAds

  • Google Adwords

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