๐Ÿ”ŒSetting up an AWS Athena connector

Configuring the AWS Athena connector in Toucan

Fill connection parameters:

  • NAME : the name of your connector.

  • S3 OUTPUT BUCKET : the S3 bucket and prefix where results from your queries will be saved (Ex s3://mybucket/athena-queries).

  • AWS ACCESS KEY ID : the ID of the the AWS access key that will be used to connect to Athena.

  • AWS SECRET ACCESS KEY : the AWS secret access key that will be used to connect to Athena.

  • REGION NAME : the name of the AWS region you need to query.

After entering those informations, you can test the connection with AWS, to make sure your inputs are correct and working.

If all settings are valid, youโ€™re going to have a success message like this

Depending on your rights, you will have the โ€œCan list databasesโ€ checked or not, but note that this doesnโ€™t prevent you to be able to use the connector itself.

After successfully configuring the connector, you will be able to find it in the Connector section of the DataHub "Datasource" tab

Selecting data from AWS Athena

To create a dataset from AWS Athena, click on the "create from icon", you will then be able to:

  • Select the Database

  • Add a Query (optional): you can query using the SQL syntax accepted by Athena

  • Select a table

For more info, see the dedicated section Creating datasets

After selecting data from your connector you will be able to create a dataset thanks to YouPrep using the selection as "source step".

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