๐Ÿง Common chart configuration

When you configure a visualization, you can directly choose the aggregation that is played on your data. Let's explain what's possible:

  • Sum: Adds all the numbers in a column

  • Average: Returns the average (arithmetic mean) of all the numbers in the column

  • First: Returns only the first row for the specified column

  • Last: Returns only the last row for the specified column

  • Maximum: Returns the largest numeric value in a column

  • Minimum: Returns the smallest numeric value in a column

  • Count: Counts the number of rows in the specified column

  • Count distinct: Counts the number of distinct values in a column

  • No aggregation: Returns exactly the input dataset. No aggregation is done and no aggregations are possible on secondary values.

All of these aggregations are grouped by all dimensions used in the chart configuration. Most of the time it's the label or the x-axis option but it expands to groups, packs, ... as well.


On dimensional columns, you'll only be able to use count and count distinct aggregation operators.

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