Connector setup with a user attribute

In this section, we'll explore the seamless process of configuring connectors to dynamically connect to specific servers based on user attributes. This functionality proves especially beneficial in scenarios involving a single-tenant data architecture, where data is distributed across various servers corresponding to different users.

It's highly recommended as an App-builder to be connected with an account that has the user attributes used that are set. This ensures a smooth and efficient configuration process.

Let's dive into an illustrative example of how to configure a connector to establish a connection with a PostgreSQL server based on user context. The key to achieving this lies in template-based configuration, specifically manipulating the HOST field while referencing the user attribute โ€œpg_hostโ€.

  • Create a new connector, or edit an existing connector.

  • Configure the connector following the example below, by referring to the variable for the HOST field.

More on variable syntaxes in this page.

If you are not connected with a user that has those attributes that are set, you can make the choice to use conditional templating syntax (given in the linked page above).

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