This feature allows you to create your own dashboard where you can save your favorite visualisations without code or training, which provides fast and easy access to insights so you can make better decisions.

  • You just need to select some stories or tiles from your application to create a clean dashboard.

  • โ€œMy Favoritesโ€ feature is available from the navigation sidebar, under the Home.

  • You can rename your dashboard and give it a cool name ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

  • Easy layout configuration through drag & drop and resize.

It canโ€™t be shared with other users.

Edit My Favorites

  • Click on the "pen" button in the top-right corner

You can now edit your favorites!

From this mode, you can select your favorite stories and tile, move them across the grid and resize them as you like!

When you're finished, click on "Save changes".

Some advices for App Builders

Below are some best practices, guideline, cool tips to help you get the best of this feature:

  • One rule: Donโ€™t forget to push to production stories/tiles before being able to use them!

  • Use significant names: Put significant names for your stories/tiles to make your layout clear.

  • Navigate freely: Use App Filters as well as the Story Filters to navigate through your data.

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