Navigate with tiles

How to :: navigate with tiles

Tile's linkTo

Tiles are located on your app's home, making them a strategic feature. Let's say you notice something unusual with one of the tiles. What if you could click on it to learn more?

This is where the linkTo option comes in! By using linkTo, you can create a link to a story, another view, a date, or even an external link.

When a linkTo is set up, a small arrow will appear at the top right corner of the tile, inviting users to click on it.


You can configure a simple linkTo directly from the Smart Editor, in the Enrich Navigation menu.

Link to a story

To link a tile to a story, select this configuration type from the dropdown menu and choose the story you want.

By clicking on the tile, you can redirect your users to a website or any other external link.

There are only one parameter you need to setup:

  • url: type in the url you want your users to be redirected to


You can also choose whether the external link will open in the same tab or in a new one.

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