🔌[WIP] Setting up a Sharepoint Connector

This connector is dedicated to extract files from Microsoft Sharepoint. The configuration will be divided in 2 parts :

  • Credentials setting in Azure : this part might probably done by your IT department.

  • Sharepoint connector setting in Toucan.

Credentials setting in Azure

In this part, we will connect to Azure in order to authorize the Toucan App.

  • Connect to Azure with an admin account : Azure Active Directory admin center.

  • Click on Azure Active Directory, then on App registrations and then on New registration

  • Give a name to your app (for instance : Toucan) & define who can have access to this app. Click then on Register

Your app has been now declared on Azure. In the Overview screen you can have access to several informations :

  • Application (client) ID -> it will correspond to the “Client ID” in Toucan.

  • Directory (tenant) ID -> it will correspond to the “Tenant ID” in Toucan.

Now we will create a Client secret. To do so, go on the Certificated & secrets section, and click on New client secret:

Give a name (field Description) to the client secret and set the validity period:

The secret will appear just one time, so copy it now. You won’t be able to copy it again after !

Now that we created the client secret, we will define the “redirect URIs”. To do this, go on the Authentication section, then click on Add a platform, and select Web in the window on the right.

Set the URI following your configuration (sub-domain, application name & connector_name):https://api-{sub_domain}.toucantoco.com/{application_name}/oauth/redirect?connector_name={connector_name}

Note that the connector_name will be the one that we will specify after in Toucan as “name”. Once the URI has been defined, click on “Configure”.

  • Go on the API permissions section, then click on Add a permission. Click on Microsoft Graph, then on Application permissions.

Add these 2 permissions : Files.Read.All & User.Read

Sharepoint connector setting in Toucan

In this part, we will configure the Sharepoint connector in Toucan. You will need the informations of the first part (ask your IT department if they made the configuration) : connector_name, application (client) ID, directory (tenant) ID:

  • In the “Staging” mode, go on the connector interface (in datastore), and add a new “Sharepoint” connector.

  • Configure the Sharepoint connector regarding the informations you have in Azure.

Fields description :

NAME : it should be equal to the “connector_name” set while configuring the redirect URI in Azure. CLIENT ID : corresponds to “Application (client) ID” in Azure CLIENT SECRET : corresponds to the secret displayed after having added a new secret in Azure SCOPE : it can be set as “offline_access Sites.Read.All” TENANT : corresponds to “Directory (tenant) ID” in Azure

  • Click then on Test Connection. If you get an error, it might be a misleading information (fix in progress), try to move to the next step anyway. Click on Close, and then click on Save.

You might be redirected to Microsoft in order to authorize access. Accept the authorization:

Now, your Sharepoint connector has been correctly configured. You can import a file by adding a new query.

Set the different fields regarding the informations of your Sharepoint and the file you want to load (you can see the example bellow in which we are loading the sheet “data” of the file “Data_Shark_Attack.xlsx” located in Documents/test/Test_Sharepoint of our Sharepoint).

Fields description :

DOMAIN : domain name of the dataset. SITE URL : URL of the sharepoint. DOCUMENT LIBRARY : library. FILE : file path. SHEET : sheet name in the file.

Your Sharepoint Connector is now configured 🚀

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