Dynamic Tables

To further customize your data retrieval based on user attributes, especially when working with dynamic tables in your SQL queries, you can dynamically adjust your query. This approach is ideal for personalizing and refining your dataset extraction from potentially different tables based on user settings or preferences.

How to Implement:

  1. Switch the SQL editor to SQL code mode.

  2. Identify the FROM clause in your query.

  3. Integrate the user attribute condition by substituting the placeholder with your desired attribute.

Consider the example below for incorporating a table attribute directly into your query:

FROM "breezy"."{{ (user or {}).get('attributes', {}).get('table', 'deals_breezy') }}"

The example demonstrates how to dynamically select appropriate table. This method leverages conditional logic to either use the table attribute or default to deals_breezy if the attribute doesn't exist.

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