Dynamic filter with user attributes

To refine your dataset based on specific user attributes, incorporate these attributes directly in the SQL query. This can be particularly useful for personalizing data retrieval or implementing access controls.

How to Implement:

  • First, switch to SQL code mode in your database tool or SQL editor.

  • Next, locate the WHERE clause of your query. This is where you'll add the conditions based on user attributes.

  • Insert the user attribute condition. For example, if you want to filter data for a specific country, you might add:

    Where country = '{{ (user or {}).get('attributes', {}).get('country', 'Belgium') }}'

Example Query:

SELECT * FROM "breezy"."deals_breezy"
Where country = '{{ (user or {}).get('attributes', {}).get('country', 'Belgium') }}'

In this example, we're filtering users based on the country attribute. This method leverages conditional logic to either use the country attribute or default to 'Belgium' if the attribute doesn't exist.

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