๐Ÿ”Œ[WIP] Setting up a SOAP Connector

SOAP Connectorยถ

This Connector is a generic connector to query SOAP APIs. It requires an URL to the Service definition file (WSDL file) to load the available services and can handle various authentication protocol, provided that credentials can be passed through a header.

Data Providerโ€™s configurationยถ

  • Look up for SOAP in connectorโ€™s list

You can now configure the Data Provider :

  • Fill the name field with a relevant name

  • Headers is an optional dict with authentication information e.g {"Authorization": "Bearer 1234567"}

  • Wsdl Endpoint is a mandatory URL pointing to the SOAP service definition file (WSDL File) e.g: https://example.com/services/service1?wsdl

Finally, you can configure the Data Source

  • Fill the domain field with a relevant name

  • Select a Method from the dropdown list. It will be auto filled if the connection to the WSDL file is effective

  • Give the required parameters in the Service Parameters field as a dict. To help you, the tooltip (? above the field) is populated with the services definitions.

  • Optionally, fill the Flatten Column field with a list of column names where the data is nested (i.e the column is a dict)

Below is an example of Tooltip

Your SOAP Connector is now configured ๐Ÿš€

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