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How to configure the Microsoft Teams Integration on SaaS


Toucan offers an official Microsoft Teams app integration available on the store, allowing you to receive timely notifications with your data.

Add the Toucan app to your Teams

Integrating Toucan with your Teams is a straightforward process and takes only a few clicks:

  • In your Teams, navigate to the "Apps" section at the bottom of the left sidebar.

  • Use the search bar to find "Toucan Toco."

  • Click on the Toucan Toco app.

  • Click on the "Add to a team" button, use the search bar to find the desired team, and confirm by clicking "Set up a bot."

Register your Teams organization in Toucan

Upon successfully adding the Toucan app, you will receive one of the following messages from the Toucan bot:

  • If your Teams organization is not yet registered, reach out to our support team to complete the process. Please provide the link to your team by clicking on the three dots next to your team name, then click "Get link to team," and copy the link. This happens when it is your first time installing Toucan to Teams (note that this is not enabled by default as the Teams integration is a premium feature).

  • If your Teams is already registered with Toucan, you are good to go!

Functionality of the bot

The Toucan Teams integration allows you to send Toucan stories directly into your Teams and set up alerts with triggers based on your data. For more information about the bot commands, use the @ToucanToco help command in your Teams channel.

Adding a Teams tab to a channel or group

To configure a Toucan Toco Teams tab in a channel or group and view channel data, please contact our support team. We will assist you in changing your instance configuration to enable this feature.

How to configure the Microsoft Teams Integration on Self-Hosted


For self-hosted instances, configuring the MS Teams integration requires a manual process due to security reasons. You will need to create a custom bot and link it with your Toucan platform, necessitating Teams administrator privileges on your Azure Active Directory.

Step 1: Create a custom bot with the Microsoft Teams developer portal

Go to the Teams bot management portal and login with your enterprise microsoft account.

  • Click on "New Bot"

  • In the "Add bot" popup, fill in "Toucan Toco Bot" and click "Add"

  • After a moment, you should see a success message. On the following screen, click on "Client secrets."

  • Click on "Add a client secret for your bot" in the "Client secrets" screen.

  • Copy the newly generated secret and securely store it for later use. Make sure to copy the value before clicking "OK".

  • Copy also the bot ID. The easiest way to do that is to copy it from the URL, it appears between https://dev.teams.microsoft.com/bots/ and /client-secrets For example, below it is 242771b7-23a0-4410-81ef-ac14cc2a4934. Store it securely next to your bot password for later use.

Step 2: add the custom bot to your teams organization

  • Re-zip the file: this file is the custom app package you will upload to the Teams app store for your organization.

  • Go to your Teams apps. After clicking on Manage your apps, you should have a Upload an app to your org's app catalog button.

  • Upload the zip file you created earlier, click on the Toucan Toco app and add it to your team

The app will be available in your app store in the future. You will be able to add it to other teams by going to the MS Teams app store and go to the "Built for your org" category.

If you need more information on this step, see Microsoft documentation

  • Open Microsoft Teams on a web browser (not the application).

  • Click on the General channel of the team you added the app to

  • Copy the threadId in the url (it should look like something like this 19:12ab1234567891234567891a123a123a@thread.tacv2). This threadId is the id of the team you selected.

  • Go to the instance settings page of your platform (https://<front-end url>/settings) and add the following lines to your instance_settings file, replacing your bot id, your bot password and your team id:

  app_id: "<your bot id>"
  app_password: "<your bot password>"
  team_ids: [ "<your team id>" ]

Be careful with tabs and spaces as this CSON file syntax on indentation.

In the future, you can add other team ids by repeating the above step and adding entries in the team_ids array:

  app_id: "<your bot id>"
  app_password: "<your bot password>"
  team_ids: [
    "<your team id>"
    "<another team id>"

Step 4: Test the integration

You can go to any story and you should see the "Annotate and share to Teams" button on the side panel. You can click on it to share this story in teams.

Please check this video for further information about the integration:

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